Door Out Sport GUIDE

Chapter 5

Types of awareness raising campaigns through sport

Let’s look closer how we can use sport for awareness-rising in more structured and motivating way. If you are looking for the optimal type for your awareness rising campaign you should check out the following options of formats:


Awareness-rising campaigns can be focused on promotion of the values your club/camp/organization stands for. This type of campaigns can be done with the minimum efforts and budget since it can be realized on your already established social media and shared further online. This kind of campaigns are good for building the image of your club/camp/organization and can be run from time to time just to remind your users about what you stand for and to build your public appearance. Examples: promotion of fair play, campaign against hate speech etc.


In this type of campaign club/camp/organization can organize activities additional to their usual work. This is how they can work on enhancing youth participation and activism for the purposes of solving some issues in the local community. By taking part in those activities, young people are building their sense of being a part of society and club/camp/organization can empower the social component of their engagement. Examples: organizing tournament for humanitarian purposes, activities for cleaning the environment etc.


In these campaigns you can combine the online and offline activities and usually they are lasting for a longer period of time. For these kinds of campaigns your club/camp/organization should have strongly developed communication skills (more in the following section Communication strategies). They can be organized to underline the socially responsibility of your club/camp/organization to show that you are paying careful attention to your impact on society and the environment.

Depending on what is your current need you can chose one of the described formats, but also, you can combine them for achieving your goals.

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