DOS Library is a place dedicated to gathering and storing knowledge that can be used for fostering the participation of young people in sports and physical activities in Europe through the use of innovative outdoor sports-based non-formal educational methodologies. The Library contains the innovative DOS Guide, DOS Policy Recommendations and a selection of relevant resources developed within other projects.


DOS Guide is an interactive step-by-step manual that will enable your sports clubs, youth organizations, or camps to integrate outdoor multi-sport approaches in its work and inspire young people to engage more in physical activities and nonformal education.


Browse the collection of guides, booklets, and toolkits that are developed by various stakeholders from all around Europe and can be beneficial for your work on utilizing outdoor sports methodologies and inviting young people to be more physically active.

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We, the Guardians – Platform for combating violence in sports

The problem of violence in sports is a prevalent problem in Serbia and North Macedonia. Particularly between peers, with many of them experiencing some form of violence in their lives. Especially as many people regularly attend sports clubs, in these dynamic groups of...

INThROugh Platform For The Exchange of Knowledge Between Clubs and Organizations

This platform INThROugh is developed within the project „IN/ThROugh – power of cross-sectoral synergy between education and sport“ with the goal of offering a space where sports clubs and youth organizations will exchange their knowledge, skills and experiences in...

The project “Door Out to more Sport for all” is co-funded by the European Union.