Methodology Exchange

Why does sharing methodologies matter?

The exchange of knowledge, skills, and experiences among stakeholders working with young people plays a key role in ensuring that their work is up-to-date with the latest developments in the non-formal educational sector and in line with the needs of young people.

In order to facilitate the knowledge exchange between clubs, camps, and organizations the Door Out Sport platform is bringing the Methodology Exchange Function to its users. Now you can share your outdoor sports methodologies in just a couple of minutes and in 3 simple steps.

How to share methodology

Step 1

Identify the adequate multi-sport outdoor methodology that is contributing to the promotion of social inclusion and understanding. Don’t forget to make sure it isn’t already included in the DOS Guide that is available on the platform.

Step 2

Fill in the Methodology submission form that is located on this page. When describing the methodology be as clear and concise as possible. When you fill in all form fields submit your methodology.

Step 3

Once submitted, your methodology will be evaluated by the members of the project consortium. In case its quality is on a satisfactory level the methodology will be shared on the DOS platform.

Shared methodologies


Brief overview:Participants are going to learn the difference between three different concepts, education for, by, and through sport. They will be introduced to the finding that sport can be a valuable method for gaining new skills and competences.It is suitable to...


Brief overview:The game is played at the beginning of the first day of session, as a method of participants getting to know each other and lifting up the energy for the day.Category of competence:Communication in your own / foreign languageDuration:30 minutesTarget...


Duration:60 minutesTarget Group:Over 16 years old – applicable to all sportsGroup size:10 – 30Human resources:One facilitatorSpace requirements:Open space (court, large room or opendoors)Materials required:One long piece of thin string/ribbon Role cardsPrinted...


Duration:90 minutes (the activity might beshorter depending on the number of participants)Target Group:Over 13 years old – applicable to all sportsGroup size:Any number of participantsHuman resources:One facilitatorSpace requirements:Open space (court, large room or...

Share your Methodology

The project “Door Out to more Sport for all” is co-funded by the European Union.