Door Out Sport GUIDE

Chapter 5

Awareness-rising campaigns done through sport

Sport is the most powerful media of our time. There is no other form of social interaction that can gather more people at one place or around one cause than sport can do. For overcoming different challenges that we face in nowadays society we should use sport more often as a platform for moving things forward. Sportsman are the heroes of our time and many people look up to them. What they say have a great impact on young people, what happens in and around sports influences youth on many levels.

Last year FIFA launched #ReachOut campaign to raise awareness of the symptoms of mental health conditions, encouraging people to seek help when they need it, and take actions every day for better mental health. This way, through its activities with the support of past and current football players and World Health Organization (WHO) FIFA is underlining the importance of greater awareness around mental health. FIFA also runs a long-term awareness rising campaign about racism which many people had a chance to see in football matches. 

These global campaigns as well as many others can be a good example how you can underline the importance of various topics important for you and your communities. For a start you can choose the right combination of media and afterwards plan your campaign step by step as given in this Manual.

The project “Door Out to more Sport for all” is co-funded by the European Union.