Door Out Sport GUIDE

Chapter 4

DOS learning methods


Topic: environmental challenges, participation, resilience


Group size:

10-20 people divided in two groups


90 minutes is a recommendation.

Giving instructions lasts for 10 minutes

Every half time should last 20 minutes with a break of 10.

The final 30 minutes are for debriefing and evaluation.

Materials and setting: Activity is going on at the field preferably with the goals. You will need a ball, signs for marking the teams and something to mark the goals if there are no any.

Participants are playing both football and handball at the same time. The teams that are playing are making agreement about the rules of the game. There are no goalkeepers in this game. The score is being registered for the team if another one breaks the agreed rules for fair play.  


This activity is physically highly demanding. You should check with your participants if they are fit enough to participate in it and if they have some health-related issues that could be an obstacle for their participation. Every team should have at least a coach, but you can add as many roles you need to include all participants that are not able to play actively. You will need at least one assistant facilitator for this activity to have a clear overview of what is going on.

  1. Divide the group into two teams. Tell them about the task with instructions on it and give them the explanation how you will track the result and monitor the whole game. Before starting the game, teams should make a short briefing to agree on the game rules. They will specifically state what is the situation in which the points are given to a team. Every team should have 4 active players at one moment. There should always be at least one girl in the team all the time. When some situation is challenging both teams meet to discuss and decide about the resolution.


  1. Teams should then retreat to choose a name, select a coach and other roles in the team, and discuss their tactics.


  1. Start with the game and follow the rules for awarding points.


  1. After the game start with debriefing.
Ideas for debriefing and evaluation:

Give one word to describe how you felt during the game.

Were there any major problems or conflicts during the game? Did both teams follow the agreed rules?

How did you resolve the conflict situation?

What did you observe about the other players?

When you played, what did you do?

How the team communicated within it?

The project “Door Out to more Sport for all” is co-funded by the European Union.