Door Out Sport GUIDE

Chapter 3

DOS learning impact

Besides the various skills and knowledge DOS can provide to them, there are also the values that young people can adopt from learning through outdoor multi-sport activities such as:

Lifelong activity and learning,

Appreciating and valuing differences,

Sense of place and community and

Care for the worldwide environment.


learning through experiences and developing skills, knowledge, character, resilience, and a positive approach to risk-taking.


encouraging meaningful relationships across generations that foster tolerance, respect and kindness.


developing a sense of place leading to greater engagement with the community.


fostering a connection that leads to respect and care for the natural world and appreciation of biodiversity and sustainability.

By including the learning activities into their work, sport clubs/eco camps/organizations will contribute to development of social competences of their members and become a part of their integration into community. Adding a new value to their work will motivate young people to be more active since they will learn from their peers about the benefits besides just playing sport.

Wider scope of activities gives even more responsibility to sport clubs and eco camps, but their impact is already very significant for young people and their development. Including DOS approach would only mean the structuring of the competences, knowledge and skills that young people are already gaining on the margins of their usual activities in sport clubs/eco camps/organizations.

DOS activities are a great opportunity for young people coming from vulnerable social groups.

DOS methodology represents the best fusion of activities beneficial for them in many ways described but it can also help them to become a part of community and get them closer together with their peers. Learnings happening through the channel such as outdoor multi-sport activities can be easily adopted and with lifetime effects.

DOS can be used for inclusion of vulnerable social groups, various collective actions, intercultural exchanges and other purposes. It can easily become a place for different young people to meet and exchange. Even if the topic of your event is something else, like dealing with environmental issues, the way you gather your participants and the values you demonstrate in your work and approach will have the positive effects on your participants and surroundings.

The only thing that needs to happen prior to it is for you to decide to use it for these purposes. Rather than that, just follow the steps for organizing DOS activity and wait for the results. 

The project “Door Out to more Sport for all” is co-funded by the European Union.